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HSN Listing Prices & EPS Templates

Item NameDescriptionPoint Size
(Width, Height
Download EPS Template
(must have Adobe Illustrator)
Monthly Amount
1HSN36 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 361HSN Template (Zipped file)$17.38
1HSNR36 Points Deep, Color211 x 361HSNR Template (Zipped file)$20.68
2HSN72 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 722HSN Template (Zipped file)$19.80
2HSNR72 Points Deep, Color211 x 722HSNR Template (Zipped file)$25.85
3HSN108 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 1083HSN Template (Zipped file)$31.60
3HSNR108 Points Deep, Color211 x 1083HSNR Template (Zipped file)$40.38
4HSN144 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 1444HSN Template (Zipped file)$43.65
4HSNR144 Points Deep, Color211 x 1444HSNR Template (Zipped file)$59.97
5HSN180 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 1805HSN Template (Zipped file)$73.60
5HSNR180 Points Deep, Color211 x 1805HSNR Template (Zipped file)$106.24
6HSN216 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 2166HSN Template (Zipped file)$110.24
6HSNR216 Points Deep, Color211 x 2166HSNR Template (Zipped file)$142.88
7HSN252 Points Deep, Black & White211 x 2527HSN Template (Zipped file)$160.14
7HSNR252 Points Deep, Color211 x 2527HSNR Template (Zipped file)$175.52

If you are creating the ad your self you must send the ad back as an eps file with the text converted to outline. If you are putting logos or pictures into your ad you must convert them to CMKY color. We do not accept Microsoft publisher, or word files. All Black items should be set to 100% K (do not use processed Black)